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We are your Surgical Laser resource company.   If you have questions regarding the clinical use of Surgical lasers or the right laser for a certain procedure please call and talk to us.  If you have questions about laser accessories that work with your surgical lasers contact us. 

We can be your one stop shop for Surgical Lasers Services

"Surgical lasers can be complicated and I don't know what system to use".  


Making sure that the Physician has the very best tools to arrive at exceptional outcomes each and every time is very important.  From help with wavelength, power settings, and tissue interaction we can provide the answers. 



"Lasers are a high tech tool and I'm worried about safety". 


Having the knowledge to maintain a laser safe environment for both the patient and staff in the operating theater is of utmost importance.  Laser Safety can be maintained using consistent repetitive steps for each individual laser wavelength to help eliminate safety issues.  Let's talk, we can help you with these sometimes confusing but very important steps.


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