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Below is a list of Services that we can

provide for you and your facility

Laser Rental / Leasing

We can bring a system for a case by case rental, half day or full day or even train your staff to run a laser through our monthly leasing program.  Sometimes it's just better and safer to bring in our highly trained staff so that you can spend more time with your patient and all the paperwork that goes along with maintaining your surgical services.  It's just one less thing to not worry about when your patient is in the room.

Laser Accessories

If you own your lasers you may not know that they are alternative fibers and accessories that can help with the high cost of laser surgery.  As you already know; the cost of laser fibers are very expensive and sometimes 

these fibers can cause harm to your laser system.  A great example of this is the blast shield for the Holmium laser. Some fibers cause expensive repairs for certain laser systems.  We can help save you money on both the individual cost of each fiber but the right product for your laser system too.  

Surgical Laser Service

We are factory trained on various surgical lasers and can help when your laser is down.  We are responsible for a bi-annual Preventive Maintenance. Some of our agreements provide a loaner system if your equipment is down waiting for parts so that your facility does not loose precious scheduled cases.   We also service your Laser Accessories too.

Laser Safety Training

This is one of our favorite services.  We can work with you to reenforce your existing Laser Safety Policy and Procedures and customize your laser safety training to the laser systems that you own.  That way not a lot of time is wasted on other wavelengths.  We can also offer CEU's to this training.  In this training we can offer an annual refresher training for Laser Safety or a full day of starting at the basics to operating your laser systems.  

Eye Lasers

If you have a practice that owns Eye Lasers, Phoropters and Slit-Lamps we can help with those too. We can help with keeping your equipment in top shape. If you need references for any of our services please contact us.  

Laser Consulting

Without question, surgical lasers are expensive and if the wrong one is purchased the cost can be exorbitant over time and this can be painful to your budget. Hidden cost, unknown must-have accessories and poor outcomes just add to this pain.  All this can be avoided if you perform strategic Laser planing beforehand,  We can help!  Let's Talk!   

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